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Crescent Wealth Partners provide the highest level of service possible with the greatest efficiency.  Our goal is to help you be well prepared and focused on the unforeseen challenges now and in the future.

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Being affluent comes with many rewards; however, it also introduces complex financial matters that may require professional advice. 
Crescent Wealth can partner with you.

How We Work


  • Review of your financial reality
  • Determine problems to be solved
  • Discover Opportunities to be Seized


  • Offer clarity of your financial reality
  • Provide custom solutions to achieve your goals.
  • What is the most efficient path?


  • Quarterly reviews of goal achievement.
  • Course corrections as life changes
  • Access to experts through entire process

Management Principles

We have helped clients over the years with everything from complex financial planning decisions, wealth management solutions to buying a car. CWP uses cost conscious and quality driven investment solutions based upon data driven algorithms.

Our Mission is to help you achieve your goals.

We are passionate about providing holistic and comprehensive advice and treating our clients like an extension of our family.

Learn More How Crescent Wealth Partners
Can Help You

Wealth planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

It is a process of looking at your individual goals and deciding what is the best way to achieve them.  

A well thought out financial plan can help you:

  Reduce taxes

Plan for retirement

Decide how to invest

Assess your insurance needs

Develop an individual strategy to help you attain your personal goals.



Developing a personal financial plan should focus on
six important areas.

Each one affects all the others so you may want to start with the area that is most important to you now.


Your financial plan must include an accurate picture of your income and expenses for not only today but also the future.  Things to consider:

  • Do you have a clear accounting for how much money you earn and how much spend each month?
  • Do you have enough income to cover all your necessary expenses?
  • Have you developed a savings plan so you don’t spend your savings?



What are the risks that are threatening your income, using up your assets or keeping you from achieve your financial goals?  Do you have a plan for unexpected events? If you were injured, sick or lost your job how would you pay your bills?

  • What would happen to your spouse or children if something happened to you. Can they stay in your home and continue their lives as they are now?
  • How will your children pay for college if you lost your income?



A well-designed financial plan will help you find investment strategies and vehicles that are suited to your personal planning goals and your personality.

  • In this season of life are you focused on wealth accumulation or generating income?
  • Do you understand the investment alternatives available to you?
  • Are you getting the return you expect based on the risk you assume?



Tax planning should be considered in every aspect of your financial plan.

  • Are you aware of the latest tax laws and how they affect you?
  • How do you feel about the income you share with the government, both federal and state?
  • Are you aware and taking of advantage of the tax strategies available to you?



You can achieve your retirement goals once you have a plan.

  • What is your biggest financial retirement concern?
  • Do you think you are too young for a retirement plan?
  • Are you already retired and think there isn’t anything you can do now?
  • Can you live comfortably for the next 15, 20 or 30 years after retirement or are you worried about outliving your money?



You can maximize the amount of money you leave to your beneficiaries by developing an estate plan.

  • How you can be sure your assists will reach the people you want them to after you are gone?
  • Who will manage your fences if you become incapable of managing your affairs while you are alive?
  • If you own a business, do you know the IRS has a liquidation plan for your business and estate that doesn’t include your family?


Let Crescent Wealth Partners help you design a financial plan that will consider your personal goals and give you peace of mind.

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