Many of us have been through a career transition. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if and when you embark on this journey.

Get your ducks in a row – You weren’t fired. This is a career change. Assess your skills, experience, and interests. It’s important to know why you are changing careers and what you want to pursue next. Get financially, as well as physically fit. You will need the stamina and financial strength to change careers. A plan is vital. Crescent Wealth Partners can offer clarity when it comes to your finances and suggest solutions to achieve the most efficient path forward.

Get some positive letters of recommendation – Letters of recommendation based on your worth ethic and what you contributed to the workplace are invaluable. Ask your bosses for positive letters to add to your portfolio.

Gather contacts – Get some copies of some email addresses, and save that information with people you want to keep in your network.

Understand your health and life insurance options – You need to know if you will you get private health insurance, or are you going to take COBRA from your previous employer for a period of time.

Retirement savings – Evaluate your retirement savings and make some important decisions. Do you leave it at the old employer, or decide to roll it over to an individual IRA? Crescent Wealth Partners can help you achieve your retirement goals.

Executive compensation questions – You need to understand any executive compensation you might be entitled to. Review your financial reality with a professional to be sure you are moving into this next career with all your assets.

Most importantly, stay connected with your network. This is an exciting time. Enjoy it, but make sure you’re on top of all of these things.

At Crescent Wealth Partners, we have a passion for helping our clients make the most important financial decisions of their lives. Contact our team to set up a complimentary appointment.

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