Is your investment portfolio ready for the next recession?

Do you talk to your current advisor about what’s going to happen to your portfolio if we have another downturn of 40% like we did in 2008? Are they walking beside you providing a plan that takes into consideration future financial events?

Crescent Wealth Partners Process

Our goal at Crescent Wealth Partners is to help you achieve your financial goals. This includes developing a plan that leaves our clients prepared and focused on the unseen challenges ahead. The Crescent Wealth Partners Process is a collaborative approach develops customized solutions on your terms through 3 Phases.

  1. Analysis – We come alongside you to review your financial reality including problems to be solved and opportunities to be seized.
  2. Solutions – Once we have an analysis of your individual financial reality we can provide custom solutions to achieve your goals. We will offer you the most efficient path to your financial future that takes into consideration changes such as recession, life changes and adjustments in your goals.
  3. Implementation – Crescent Wealth Partners provides quarterly reviews so you can see your financial goals are achieved. As life and the markets change we provide course corrections to keep you succeeding.

Throughout this entire process, you will have access to professionals who care about you and achieving your objectives. We are not just managing your portfolio; we will treat you as an extension of our family.

You are never alone.

At Crescent Wealth Partners we use algorithm-based solutions with our clients and advise them on when we should take advantage of the market, put the gas on, or when we should put the brakes on. If all you’re getting from your current advisor is “no problem, let’s just ride it out”, you are entitled to a second opinion.

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